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The hardest part about making changes to your diet and lifestyle is keeping the motivation going; even when you know that the changes are going to help you reduce your PCOS symptoms.  That’s why Gaynor Bussell, author of ‘Managing PCOS for Dummies‘ has used her experience in treating PCOS to bring you a tip each day to help you understand and control your symptoms.

Research has shown that mobile technology helps keep people motivated and on the right track for making beneficial changes. Because we know you’re a busy person, we’ve produced an Android application that will deliver the tip directly to you everyday. There is one tip for every day of the year.

PCOS tips will deliver a useful motivational tip from Gaynor direct to your phone everyday for a year to help you stay on track with reducing your PCOS symptons

Download your PCOS Daily Tip application here

Our PCOS Daily Tips Android application

Download our PCOS Daily Tips Android application

We know it will work for you!

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