Friday, October 27th, 2017

Embryo health may depend on father’s nutrition, not just mother’s diet

Embryo health may depend on father’s nutrition, not just mother’s, study suggests

The quality of the father’s nutrition prior to conception may affect the survival rate of embryos, according to a new study in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Although this researh was onducted on fruit flies, the authors believed it pointed to a likely efect in other animals and humans and does back other studies showing the effect of a junk food diet eaten by mail and embryo quality.


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Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Pregnancy and Dental Care

There is now a  guide ( which  covers oral health before, during and after pregnancy. It outlines all the reasons to take it seriously as well as highlighting all the key considerations for those conceiving or expecting.

The resource aims to answer all your main questions surrounding pregnancy and dental care so that you know what dental precautions are necessary at various stages and when it is necessary to see your dentist in order to prevent a major health issue developing during the time between conception and birth.


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Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Fried foods,especially take-aways and the development of diabetes in pregnancy

Women who eat fried food regularly before conceiving are at increased risk of developing gestational diabetes during pregnancy, a study has shown. This was significantly the case when the fried food was eaten away from home, possibly because the ft used to cook such food deteriorates, producing harmful products.

Gestational diabetes (GDM) is a complication that can arise during pregnancy, and is characterised by abnormally high blood glucose during the pregnancy (especially in the final 3 months). It can lead to increased birthweight of the child, as well jaundice and other complications. When left untreated, it can cause complications or stillbirth.

Wei Bao et al. Pre-pregnancy fried food consumption and the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus: a prospective cohort studyDiabetologia, October 2014 DOI: 10.1007/s00125-014-3382-x



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