Healthy Eating

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

#Healthy eating: Top ten tips

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Top ten tips on healthy eating

1 Enjoy your food, relax over it and appreciate every mouthful you eat without making judgement on yourself.

2 Try to listen to your body with regard to its level of hunger, what portion size you serve yourself and remember, that you can have chocolate, cheese and chips now and then! In time, if you become mindful of your body’s needs, you should find you want junk food less and less.

3 Eat when feeling slightly hungry, but not ravenous, and eat slowly so that you can register when you begin to feel full and stop eating.

4 Eat meals regularly, ideally 3 meals a day, and if you get hungry between meals, allow yourself a small snack

5 Learn about all the food groups –proteins, carbohydrates, milk and dairy and fruit and veg. Make sure that each meal has something from all the food groups

6 If you are trying to lose weight, make sure that for your lunch and dinner, half your plate is covered with vegetables or salad, a quarter with the protein, and a quarter with the starch part.

7 Try and be organised about your meals and snack, so that you don’t hit a mealtime unprepared, e.g. with no suitable food ingredients in the house.

8 Be as physically active as you can each day, remember 60 minutes moderate physical activity a day seems to help stop people gaining weight

9 You should not need to take extra vitamins and minerals unless advised by a qualified health  health professional; the exception is vitamin D if you are over 60, and folic acid if you plan to get pregnant. Taking extra vitamins and minerals that your body does not require can be as harmful as not having enough.

10 Never dwell on mistakes you have made, learn from them and move on.


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Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Healthy eating habits may start in the womb

A new study has found that a baby’s eating habits can be shaped by what their mother eats whilst pregnant and in the first few months of life. Babies were able to detect the smell of foods that had been eaten by their mother whilst in the womb.



Announced at American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting


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