About our Women’s Health Dietitian

Our main women’s health dietitian is Gaynor Bussell

Gaynor is a registered dietitian and a registered public health nutritionist with over 30 years experience. She is also registered with the Health Professional Council

For 6 years she was Women’s Health Dietitian at University College Hospital, London and has worked for charities and other organisations specialising in women’s health issues.

Gaynor  wrote the Dummies Guide to PCOS which is a best seller on this subject. She also contributed to many other publications and articles on women’s health.

Managing PCOS for Dummies by Gaynor Bussell

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Published by John Wiley & Sons Inc

ISBN-10: 0470057947-ISBN-13: 978-0470057940

This book is aimed at helping women with PCOS deal with the symptoms of PCOS through following a suitable low GI diet and taking on board some physical activity. There are four chapters of healthy but easy to make recipes, general advice on medication and alternatives for PCOS and what treatments should be avoided! Included is also a chapter on how to maximise the chances of getting pregnant when you have PCOS and having a healthy pregnancy and baby. It is currently the third best selling book on PCOS in the UK It can be ordered from Amazon by clicking here

For two years in a row she was entered in ‘Who’s Who for Science and Engineering’ for her pioneering work on diet and PMS

Gaynor continues to write and lecture on the subject of Women’s Health and advise women’s health organisations. She treat clients both privately and within the NHS with Women’s Health issues that benefit from dietary advice.

Gaynor is a media representative for the British Dietetic Association, so you may see her mentioned in the paper, or a magazine, or hear  on the radio or TV  sometimes.


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What Gaynor says about herself

“Although my knowledge of diet and health is wide, I have over the years particularly tended to specialise in women’s health, obesity, IBS, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, heart health and eating disorders. I began specialising in women’s health after taking a short career break to have my two daughters. I worked as a women’s health dietitian for over six years at University College Hospital in London, specialising particularly in PMS, menopause, preconception health, eating disorders and PCOS. I also covered the osteoporosis clinic at this hospital.
Since then, I have worked in various specialist clinics including Hammersmith and Queen Charlotte’s Women’s Health Clinic and the Diabetic clinic at St George’s Hospital, London. I also worked as the dietitian for a private residential eating disorders centre.
I now act as dietary adviser to a well known weight loss organisation and do quite a bit of media work in the dieting and women’s health area.  I also continue to see patients on issues relating to weight and women’s health in the private and NHS setting.
Recently I have studied behaviour change and mindful eating and use the principles it embraces with my groups and with individual clients”
Testimonials about Gaynor

“Gaynor is a very highly respected professional and is also a delightful human being. I would recommend her as providing excellent guidance and also, not always usual in her profession, as having a wide range of interests and understanding of issues beyond the confines of her day to day work”- Director General and colleague

“Gaynor is a very professional and thorough Dietitian. She has worked in many areas of Dietetics but particularly in women’s health and the food and drink industry. She networks well keeping other dietitians up to date with work she does. She has published some of her work and is a very positive showcase for dietetic practice”-Dieitian and colleague


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