Brisk walking may help older women live longer

Brisk walking may help older women live longer

Older women who undertake moderate to vigorous physical activity, such as brisk walks, can lower risk of death from all causes.

This was the results of a large US study which measured activity in older woman for 4 years by fitting them with a new generation of activity trackers called “triaxial accelerometers”.  The study was part of the famous Women’s Health Study. The total number of participants included was 16,741, and their average age was 72 years.  It was published in the November 2017 edition of ‘Circulation’

This finding is not new but what this study did reveal was the size of the risk reduction, which was much greater than previously found:  The most active 25 % of the women had a 60–70 percent lower risk of dying over the follow-up period than the least active 25%.

The researchers found no link between reduced risk of death and light-intensity physical activity but did point out that even light activity may have other benefits on other health outcomes.



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