#Overweight women who skip #breakfast have a greater potential for developing #diabetes

Overweight women who skip breakfast  can develop   insulin resistance, a condition that can develop into full blown diabetes.   A new study found that this could happen only one day of skipping breakfast.

In insulin resistance, a person requires more insulin to bring their glucose, or blood sugar, into a normal range as the insulin fails to act appropriately.

The research looked at  nine non-diabetic women, with an average age of 29, who were overweight or obese. The study took place on two days about a month apart. Subjects were randomly assigned to receive either breakfast or no breakfast at the first visit and the opposite at the second visit. Four hours later, all subjects ate the same standardised lunch at each visit. They had blood samples taken every 30 minutes after lunch for three hours to test their insulin and glucose levels.

After eating a meal, it is normal for blood glucose to rise and for insulin to be pumped put; however  he women’s insulin and glucose levels after lunch were significantly higher on the day they skipped breakfast than on the day when they ate breakfast  i.e. they had developed insulin resistance. This may contribute to the development of chronic insulin resistance,  which can lead to pre-diabetes and diabetes over time.

This information provides another reason to get health professionals to encourage s better to eat a healthy, balanced breakfast than to skip breakfast.




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