A high #glycemic load diet may be associated with certain form of #breast cancer

Older women who eat a high glycemic load diet may be at increased risk of a less common but deadlier form of breast cancer, a new study suggests.

This conclusion was reached after a study of nearly 335,000 European women, where postmenopausal women with high glycemic load diets had a 36% higher risk of ER-negative breast cancer, compared with women whose diets had the lightest load.

These findings do not prove cause-and-effect, but highlight an association and more research is needed to draw a firmer link. The take home message is that while no single factor accounts for breast cancer risk, the findings do offer more incentive to limit refined carbs, with a high GI, in favor of healthier foods.

 Am J Clin Nutr 2012, July 3rd


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