Eating more fruit and veg and being more #active really does help older #women live longer

Fruit and Vegetable Intake, Physical Activity, and Mortality in Older Community-Dwelling Women

A recent study was undertaken to examine the relationship between fruit and vegetable intake, physical activity, and all-cause mortality in older women. The study was carried out in Baltimore, Maryland on 713 women aged 70 to 79 participating in the Women’s Health and Aging Studies.  The women were followed for 5 years

Total serum carotenoids was measured which is a marker of fruit and vegetable intake, and physical activity were measured at baseline. Physical activity was measured according to kilocalorie expenditure.

Results showed that physical activity improved survival and the most active women were more likely to survive than the least physically active women.  Higher measures of carotenoids improved survival with women in the highest third of intake more likely to survive those in the lowest third.

The researchers concluded that the combination of low total serum carotenoids and low physical activity, both modifiable risk factors, strongly predicted earlier mortality. These findings provide preliminary support that higher fruit and vegetable intake and exercise improve survival.


Posted: 06/13/2012; in Nicklett et al., J Am Geriatr Soc. 2012;60(5):862-868


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