Introduction to General Women’s Health

Women do need special consideration when it comes to diet.

Women also need to consider their diet as they go through their life stages, so a woman’s diet may need to change when young comapred to when going through the menopause.  Diet before pregnancy and duing pregnancy also needs special consideration as what a woman eats then will also affect her offspring.

Women also don’t need as many calories as men and so it is important to get the quality right and watch the quantity.

Women have various organs and systems that respond to diet, for example, if a woman has breast pain; it can be modified by diet.  Whether you have PMS or painful periods can also be affected by diet.

Finally, heart disease was considered to be something men primarily got, but we know that women reach the same incidence level as men after they have gone through the menopause and also if they carry weight around their tummies their risk reaches that of men.  But women’s key risk facotrs for heart diease and stroke can be different to men’s and the way heart disease manifests itself is different in women too

This website hopefully can help give up to date information for an assortment of women’s health ailments and cover off the different stages women go through so that it is possible to adopt the best dietary approach for them


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