Low carb #dieting can lead to heart disease

While low carbohydrate/high fat diets may help short term weight loss, these results of a recent Swedish study demonstrate that long term weight loss is not maintained and that this diet increases blood cholesterol which has a major impact on risk of cardiovascular disease.

Data was looked at covering 25 years and including data from the WHO MONICA project which monitors cardiovascular disease risk factors. Researchers from Umeå University, University of Gothenburg, and The National Board of Welfare collaborated to review this information  which began to be collected  in 1986

This is believed to be the first study to show that is the first to show that a regional and national dietary intervention to reduce fat intake, decreased cholesterol levels, but a switch to the popular low carbohydrate diet was paralleled by an increase in cholesterol levels. Over the entire 25 year period the population BMI continued to increase, regardless of either diet, and both the increase in body mass and increased cholesterol levels are indicators of increased cardiovascular risk.


Available in BioMed Central’s open access journal Nutrition Journal,


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