#Breast pain could be relieved by vitamin E and B complex

Some recent research showed that Vitamins E and B complex appear to alleviate benign persistent breast pain. In the controlled trial, 90.2% of women who took the vitamins were pain free after one month, compared to 9.8% of the control group. Idiopathic benign breast pain is very common and leads to significant anxiety, especially among young women. In many cases, the pain doesn’t respond to simple reassurance and lifestyle change.

What was used in 192 women was a low dose vitamin B complex 46 mg plus vitamin E 200 IU; there were 82 women in the control gtoup.Vitamin E is known for its anti-oxidant properties and plays a role in anti-inflammatory rovers and immune enhancement, while B complex is needed for several functions, notably the nervous and immune systems. It was thought that giving these two in a low-dose combination exhibits a synergistic effect with less possible side effects.


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